What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a CNA

A Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) also known as Certified Nurse Aide delivers quality healthcare needs to patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Their responsibilities vary depending on their workplace and among the places a Certified Nurse Assistant can work include: hospitals, personal homes, nursing homes and adult day care centers. One has to successfully complete an accredited training program to qualify to be a Certified Nurse Assistant and their role is to provide compassionate care to the patients since they interact more with the patients that the Registered Nurses and doctors do. Their responsibilities may vary depending on the patients’ medical condition.

CNA Responsibilities

The CNA duties and responsibilities include:Personal CareCertified Nurse Assistants assist patients with their daily basis needs. This includes personal hygiene, care and grooming. Some patients are stroke victims, elderly people living in nursing homes or patients recovering for accidents. Therefore, a Certified Nurse assistant helps in bathing, dressing and grooming the patients. They also assist in serving meals to the patients, cleaning their rooms, making their beds, providing hospital gowns and clean linen. Depending on the patient’s condition, they may assist the patients to the bathrooms or assist with toileting by using bedpans.

DocumentationA Certified Nurse Assistant records and reports all the critical signs observed in a patient which includes blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar levels and the signs and symptoms to the nurse or doctor in charge. This is normally the first step taken when a patient visits a physician’s office. The information helps the nurse or the doctor to determine the next step of treatment for the patient to recover quickly.
Monitoring Patients ConditionThey assess and monitor a patients health, safety and welfare. They normally observe the patient’s condition on a regular basis to monitor on any changes. The also monitor the patients diet, for example, they must ensure that they are well informed about which diets a diabetic patient should take.

Transporting PatientsThey help to safely move patients with various medical conditions from one place to another which may include from one examination room to another. They may assist patients using wheelchairs by moving them into or out of their beds. They also assist bedridden patients by turning them from one side to the other or moving them from one place to another.

Administering TreatmentThey assist to perform appropriate medical procedures and treatment to patients, for example, catheterizations, massages, douches or enemas, dressing wounds and drawing blood as directed by the nurses or doctor. They also assist in setting up medical equipment involved in a patients treatment.

Emotional SupportOther than physical care, patients need emotional support for them to recovery quickly. By spending time with them, the Certified Nurse Assistants get to understand their fears and concerns. This helps the CNAs to counsel the patients to aide them in their recovery.
The CNAs main role is to provide quality healthcare and attention to the patients and ensuring they are comfortable all the time which aides them to recover quickly due to the care and attention given to them.…

CNA Cover Letter Sample

When you are looking for a job as a medical assistant, you will need to make your resume and your skills stand out from other applicants.  A cover letter should also be included with your resume and is going to allow employers to know who you are as well as what your strengths are. It is the first thing employers see when you send them a resume, and shows why you should be chosen over another applicant. You should talk about a few of your assets, which make you eligible for the position you are applying for.  When creating a cover letter keep it professional looking. You should make sure that you employ a font that is easy to read and you choose a size that is readable as well. Roman times is a good font to use and size 12 seems to be the standard as well.

Try and keep your cover letter and your resume to one page each.  Do not get too much capture the most detailed parts in a rather attractive and precise manner.  Make sure your certified nurse letter is only one page.  As you intend to end the cover letter you should ensure that you have references added as well.  These should be professional references such as lecturers at school or a previous head of department who can relay positive attitude about you. A certified nurse job description is varied and therefore you should ensure that you talk about various skills you possess. You should address a few requirements that are in the job advert. For example, if the job advert says you will be doing light office work, state that you have office experience.

Make sure your cover letter processes no error free and there are no grammatical issues or rather errors.

TCNA Coverhis can have impact on your chance at being considered for the job. As you are in a competition with others for the same job as the market and the need for certified nurses is rising. You should just be sure your  incorporates a closing and expresses your mass interest in the position.  Indicate that additional information and details are available, and close with your name.  Make sure you are clear and precise The CNA cover letter should appear in parts

1 )THE FIRST PARAGRAPH: Should contain information about where you got the information of the certified nurse job offer and also citing why you would be the most effective to be granted the offer.

2).THE BODY: The body should contain personal information in regard to your qualifications, your accomplishments and tasks you can readily accomplish, since nursing is a career mainly regarded as a “calling” make sure you show that you are a responsible person who can easily be trusted

3)CLOSING PARAGRAPH: While coming to the closing remarks make sure you include means which the employers can contact you this may be via e-mail or phone contacts and if you are employed you may include the most appropriate time for you to be contacted this saves you conflicts at your workplace


Where To Work After Completing CNA Training Classes

As a certified nursing assistant, there are endless opportunities available to you. There are a variety of things you will be required to learn, and places you can work. You are going to work with a nurse and under their supervision so you will always know what you will be doing with a patient. Some places you will have more than one patient to care for and others will only ask that you take care of one patient at a time such as in home health care. There are thousands of possibilities open back to you with the healthcare industry. Healthcare professions can be found in great demand and plenty of folks are expecting to enter this industry. About the most methods of entering the healthcare are will be training to resemble a CNA (certified nursing assistant). Your work days can vary based on where you are working, and can be as long as 12 hour shifts. You are going to have a basic knowledge of the healthcare field, and it will allow you to see if this is a field you are interested in.

Places to Find Nursing Assistant Jobs

There are a variety of places you are going to be eligible to work in once you are certified. A few of these places include:

• Home health agencies

• Hospitals

• Assisted living facilities

• Nursing homes

• Medical offices

Home Health Agencies

Working for an agency means you are going to be working with a patient one on one. You will discover no other individuals around, and you can be doing things like basic care, washing, assisting with things the affected person may need help with, and taking these to doctor appointments or maybe shopping. You are there for your patient and other things you might be responsible for usually are preparing meals, mild housekeeping, and maintaining them company.


Working in a hospital can be more demanding as you are going to have multiple patients to care for during your shift. You will be dealing with various types of clients depending on the area of the hospital you work for as well as the type of hospital you work for. There are areas that have patients who have had a stroke and are on the rehabilitation oath, and also other areas that are for older patients, which are also known as geriatrics.…

How to Write a CNA Resume

For the past five years, the demand for certified nursing assistants is growing. Even if the demand is increasing in this field, there are actually more individuals getting certified than the openings for such an occupation. This is why it is advisable for CNA applicants to build a good CNA resume filled with specific details related to the responsibilities and duties of a CNA. This is more important than anything else, and if you lack the experience or appropriate training for such a field, you need to train yourself more. The basics of becoming a CNA is certainly to train in that field, but the impression you make with the one who will hire you matters the most. Applicants should be thorough and concise, and never make any false statement that does not reflect the skills that you have acquired from your training. If you aim to make a generic resume, it will fail to pass in just one glance, since there are no key aspects that defines a CNA, making it different from any other working field. If done in this manner, your core competencies, responsibilities and skill sets will all be lost.

Not every CNA has the same experience and situation, thus the reason why you need a resume that completely defines you and your goals.

Ways to Create CNA Resume

Write a CNA ResumeIt may seem like a demeaning move to make, but a lot of CNA applicants have done this – hiring a professional to make their CNA resumes. It comes with a cost, but people who have done this says it is worth it. It is a good investment if you wish to take that position you have been longing for. This is only if you do not like to create your own resume.

The only problem with professional writers is that they can be very expensive and if you end up with a professional who does not understand anything about nursing. They are capable of building professional resumes, but they may fail to list down details of your responsibilities or the job you are applying for. They might prioritize the wrong parts or even list the wrong information.

If you prefer to hire a professional, look for someone who has a background in nursing or those who have dealt with the related field. If you fall into a generic writer, guide them accordingly before they can start creating the resume. But you can find CNA professionals online that make extra income of making CNA specific resumes.

If you want to write your own CNA resume and you are confident that you can do it, by every means do so. But to put more effort into it, buy yourself book guides in creating cover letters and resume specifically designed for CNA. There is an official book that details every step in creating a resume, including samples created by past professionals. This will give you insight on how previous CNA professionals have done their work. You can save money with this approach, as the book costs around $4.


Certified Nursing Assistant’s Job Tasks and Duties

What exactly does a certified nursing assistant (CNA) do? Providing people with help in their everyday tasks and assisting them in leading more dignified lives is all in a day’s work for a CNA. Overall they help their patients by making sure that their overall well-being is up to par and that they are living happy and healthy lives. Some tasks of a CNA include helping patients wit their grooming, toileting, and dressing needs.

Certified nursing assistants jobs aren’t limited to these things, however. In many instances they also support their patients in their mental stability and also in doing and handling physical activities. They administer medication out to their patients and they also supply, prepare, and provide them with meals.


nurse-speaking-to-a-child-patient-in-bedIn order to work as a certified nursing assistant, it is essential that you have a high school diploma and that you obtain or acquire a CNA certification to ensure that you are qualified to do the job. People who aspire to be certified nursing assistants must possess many qualities. You need to be very organized and be able to keep track of many things and multitask. Also, you need to be able to remain calm in overwhelming situations or even in the worst kinds of circumstances. Since some tasks of a CNA include providing emotional support and stability to their clients, a CNA must not have those types of problems in his or her own personal life. And if he does, then he should know how to keep personal feelings and work related feelings separate. You need to be able to not succumb to emotional feelings and episodes yourself if you wish to do this job. A CNA must have a true inner love for their line of work and be compassionate. You must also understand your limitations as well.


Know, understand, and familiarize themselves with each one of the individual’s patients care plan and be sure that it is followed completely and correctly.

Break the ice with each of their new patients in order to make them trust them and feel a little bit more comfortable.

Assisting their patients with daily activities such as grooming, bathing, cooking, physical activities and much, much more.

Being sure that each patient remains proud and that their dignity never goes away.

Provide emotional support to patients and listen to their needs and problems. Talk to them.

Engage and pay attention to each patient so as to notice if their performance is getting better or worsening.

Report any changes as quickly as possible.

Reposition or turn the patients that are confined to their beds to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Become more than a nurse to a patient. Be their friend.

Sanitize and clean up a patients’ area so as to be sure that they don’t get any kind of illness or disease. This includes insuring that the linen and bed sheets are changed on a regular basis.

Offer unsolicited advice at any given time.

As you can see, there are a lot duties and responsibilities for a CNA to perform. You are the first line between the doctors and the patient. You need to be there for them, and care for them. The doctor may give his overall medical opinion and diagnosis, but you are the patients friend and more importantly their connection.…

What are the advantages of being Medical and Certified Nursing Assistants?

When people want to enter the medical industry, they prefer to get a job as Nursing Assistants and they qualify themselves, with the certificate course. Of course, certification program alone is not enough to work as certified nursing assistant and the candidates should think of other essential aspects like kindness, patience, personalized and dedicated services and others. It is easy to search for nursing assistant placements, since there are leading healthcare facilities that are looking for reliable nursing assistants.

Medical and Certified Nursing Assistants

Monetary Benefits In Future: The certified nursing assistants work on an hourly basis and this is profitable for them. They get paid leave for vacation and other important programs, after the completion of first year. In this medical industry, it is hard to enter and the best way is to enter as nursing assistants. The nursing assistants have to work with registered nurses and they learn how to move further in their higher education. These nursing assistants join online nursing degree programs and they complete the course. Intelligent candidates do not work as nursing assistants, for the entire life. The nursing assistant post is just for the initial stage and they get money for their higher education. The hospitals would be pleased to recruit them as registered or licensed nurses, based on their education.

Liberty At Work For Nursing Assistants: The nursing assistants have to work as the collaborative agents between the hospital team members. During the work, the nursing assistants have to take care of the patients and they have to do jobs like administrating medications, douching, enemas, massaging and others. At times, nursing assistants have to clean rooms of the patients. In this way, the nursing assistants enrich knowledge and they prepare themselves for their bright future. They know that they can get better compensation, if they work as registered nurses. Of course, the processing may take time and if they follow the guidance of theMedical and Certified Nursing professional nurses, they can develop their career in nursing.

Actual benefits for the medical and certified nursing assistants:

  • The nursing assistants are appointed with good salary
  • They can complete further education in nursing, while working
  • The hospitals offer other benefits like paid leave and others
  • Best and easy way to enter in the medical field

At present, there are thousands of registered nurses and once they were working as nursing assistants in different hospitals and today, they are happy.…